About Joanna Walker

Joanna is currently working on a number of sculptures with a view to exhibiting them in the latter part of 2012.

Joanna's last exhibition was in Barnsley, Gloucestershire in spring 2012 as part of the popular Open Gardens event.

Joanna's exhibited as part of the 2011 Cotswold Open Studio intiative with artist Stephanie Cushing. There is a quick fly through video below.

In 2010 Joanna had a pop-up exhibition at Cirencester's Brewery Arts throughout December.

2008 saw the arrival of a baby son and the associated workload that goes with being a new mother.

The "Rhythm of Life" exhibition was held in 2007 at Joanna's studio with artist Jane Harris.

2006/2007 was spent working on a public art project for David Wilson Homes.

In 2002 Joanna held an exhibition in Cirencester called "To thine own self be true".

Since 2000 Joanna has also run courses in painting and sculpture from her studio as well as at the Brewery Arts in Cirencester and the Blackthorn Centre in Cricklade.

In the late nineties Joanna undertook major decorative resoration projects in Australia; ANZ World Heritage Building in Melbourne, National Trust Properties, University of South Australia and the New Norcia Benedictine Monastry in Western Australia.

In the early nineties Joanna travelled to India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Poland, Iran, Turkey, Nepal and Australia gathering valuable resource material and inspiration for her art.

Prior to her travels, Joanna worked as a decorative artist in the commercial and residential sectors having completed a period of training with the decorative artist Annie Sloan

Joanna studied at the Bath Academy of Art and was born in Northamptonshire.